Selected commissions and gifts

Peter Ablinger Violine und Rauschen ("Papillons")
Georges Aperghis l'Iliade et l'Odyssée
Clara de Asis Without
Lars Bagger extremely slowly
Matthew Barber Mu
O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden

Antoine Beuger long distance call
now is the moment to learn hope

Jaap Blonk Transsiberian II Epilogue
After Labior

Dante Boon Nov.

Jason Brogan variations
Arturas Bumsteinas Broadcast
Sylvano Bussotti ce p'ti rien
Jack Callahan Whiplash
Laura Cetilia rising, for erik
Anthony Cheung Second unRaveling
Aldo Clementi Reticolo: 6
Constance Cooper Du bist die Ruh'
Alvin Curran Ninety-nine
James Dashow Album of Small Forms
D. Edward Davis slip

Loren Dempster It'll turn out all right
Mario Diaz de Leon on d'hyl, olde kapel
Freeman Edwards For Violin
Andreas Eklöf Pas
Nomi Epstein collections for Erik

Matthew Evans Still Life No. 1b
Tim Feeney Currach

Michael Finnissy Yso
Jürg Frey Haut-Jorat
Stranger with Melody
A Memory of Perfection
Distant Colors
lucid plain

Randy Gibson Nine Minutes of The Four Pillars
Assaf Gidron twelve tone piece
Jennie Gottschalk People and Voices and Words
Madison Greenstone A Long Ascent
Colin Holter That 20kHz Smile
Eva-Maria Houben glaros
einfach immer da
Nothing More

Jandek 100 Notes
Jeph Jerman before we begin
Evan Johnson clutch
Kinetiscope Record of a Sneeze
di sotto in su

Tom Johnson (13, 3, 1)
Ben Johnston National Anthem (Economy Size)
Alan Jones RQ-20B
Jo Kondo Perpetual
Christoph Korn two, disappearing
Matthias Kranebitter Pitch Study no. 1
John Lely Setting
Niels Lyhnne Lokkegaard Study of the major third (no. 1)
Alvin Lucier Miniature
Keeril Makan mu
Rytis Mazulis Canon Super Slendro
Sounds Quickly Fade But Numbers Remain

Javier Navarrete Seven Meditations on an Hourglass
Helmut Oehring Farce
Pauline Oliveros One Hundred Meeting Places
Christopher Otto Duo
Piece for Erik
Ductually Crossible Flassionallion

Tim Parkinson Clarinet, Violin and Piano Piece
Jessica Pavone ef
Henri Pousseur Huit Petites Geometries
eldritch Priest obliquity
Matt Sargent tide (violin)
Marianne Schuppe halbhell
Craig Shepard Canon
Kunsu Shim Beim Allerkleinsten
Cory Smythe Pseudoephedrine
Alex, One Point

Teodora Stepanicic 90
Ernstelbrecht Stiebler Nine Lines
Thomas Stiegler Gelbe Birne III
Karlheinz Stockhausen 1. Naturliche Dauern
Stephan Streich Strophen 1
Greg Stuart Skeg
Drones for Erik

Taku Sugimoto solo (for violin)
Taylan Susam Chance Imagery 2
Yuji Takahashi ...fallen fuchsia blossoms...

Håkon Thelin Random Partials (1-7th harmonic) Version I

Anthony Vine Primaries and Secondaries
Kevin Volans 100 Notes
Lo Wie wiyn
Tyler Wilcox Two Violins
Violin 2015

Christian Wolff Microexercises
Scott Worthington Or Bitter Wren Sing
Charles Wuorinen 11 Short Pieces for Violin and Vibraphone
Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky In Memory of G. L.
Walter Zimmerman 90 Notes

Selected other world premieres

Peter Ablinger Outside &
John Luther Adams Above Sunset Pass
Georges Aperghis Shot in the Dark
Ignacio Baca Lobera untitled (for violin and clarinet)
Antoine Beuger desert into dwelling place
modes of dispossession, levels of affinity

Dante Boon st. paul
Matthew Burtner 99.99 IN(STANCES)
Phyllis Chen Chimers
Daniel Colson Seven Dwarved Dances VI
Mario Davidovksy Divertimento for 8: Ambiguous Symmetries
Jason Eckardt Wedding Fragment
Nomi Epstein long, after
Brain Ferneyhough Contraccolpi
Michael Finnissy Forest
Jarrod Fowler After Robert Barry
Jürg Frey Movement, Ground, Fragility
Circular Music no. 7
Ephemeral Constructions
Garden of Transparency

Sarah Hennies Casts

Eva-Maria Houben klänge
listening into silence
places to listen - ravens
places to listen - spring
violin and piano
wind's whispering words 2
haiku for 12

David Lang my international
John Lely Second Symphony no. 4
Radu Malfatti Kyougo
Christopher Otto Castor and Pollux

Tristan Perich J'ai quand meme une tete bizarre
Michael Pisaro Exchange
Ricefall (2)

Taku Sugimoto quintet (2017)
Stefan Thut six and two
Samuel Vriezen Sept germes cristallins
Christian Wolff Pete
La Monte Young Trio for Strings (Original Full-length Version)