Selected Projects

Podcast: One second randomly recorded in my living room

One million clicks per day

Repertoire catalogues:
Musical lipograms
Musical palindromes
Musical dice games
List of 12-tone solo violin works
List of concert-length solo violin works
List of works for violin and sine tones
open-instrumentation / open-duration / inexpensive-to-perform works

Listening to N vibrations

An audio-only clock of me continuously writing the time

UC San Diego Change Ringers

stone mute

Infinite violin bow

A website that plays a tone equal in Hz to the number of people viewing the site

early (or earliest) instances of harmonies with 6 or more pitches

favorite illustrations from music theory texts

Performances of a single sound repeated an increasing number of times

Performances with other performer/composers

An attempt to transcribe Milton Babbitt's only film score "Into the Good Ground"

Interval listening sessions

Podcast: 100 clicks in 10 minutes

Annual Evening of Jurg Frey String Quartets 2015 2016 2017

La Jolla Dodecaphic Society

Eroica opening chords

Listening to every Haydn minuet

Biber mystery sonatas with sine tone continuo

recreating pieces with measures from other pieces

New York Miniaturist Ensemble

Podcast: Reordered samples of a recording of her saying my name

Podcast: Sonification of mathematical equations

Kirnberger IV

Gathering to perform open-instrumentation / open-duration works

Gatherings to listen at interesting locations

ep9m: an audio rpg

slow SD festival