Erik Carlson Recordings

My self-released recordings are free to listen to and download, but please consider donating.
Donations help me significantly to pay my collaborators and record new projects:

Self-released recordings

Music for Violin

Slowly Expanding Milton Babbitt Album

Slowly Expanding Aldo Clementi Album

2 Dodecaphonic String Quartets

Other albums:

Clara de Asis: Without (link)
Aldo Clementi: Complete String Quartets (link)
Erik Carlson: for 12 violins (link)
Nomi Epstein: cubes (link)
Morton Feldman: for John Cage (link)
Jurg Frey: Ephemeral Constructions / Circular Music #7 (link)
Randy Gibson: Distant Pillars, Private Pillars (link)
Eva-Maria Houben: livres d'heures (link)
Matt Sargent: Tide (link)
Craig Shepard: On Foot Brooklyn (link)
Manfred Werder: 2003 (link)
Charles Wuorinen: 11 Short Pieces for Violin and Vibraphone (link)
Iannis Xenakis: Ensemble Works (link)
La Monte Young: Trio for Strings (link)